We first met Copper shortly after his new owner, Elizabeth, rescued him from some pretty questionable circumstances. Copper and Elizabeth had a few private lessons with Lee and then Copper came to stay with Lee for boarded training. Every dog is special and each one finds their own place in Lee’s heart. Copper’s place was earned by his wonderful, indefatiguable spirit which he demonstrated whenever you’d greet him by a move his mom calls the “Jack in the Box.” Copper doesn’t jump up on people, but when he sees people he loves he starts to bounce – up and down, on all four legs, in his absolute glee at seeing them. Even if you only disappear for a few minutes, when you return he starts the “Jack in the Box”. A few months after coming for boarded training, Copper and his mom completed Lee’s novice class and Copper earned his Canine Good Citizen title.

This fall something happened to (temporarily) take away Copper’s “Jack in the box” move. Copper suffered a herniated disk while he was at the groomer (we’ll never know what happened at Petsmart that day), and he required immediate, and very costly surgery. Copper was rushed to the Veterinary Speciality Hospital at the Helen Woodward Center, he had three separate surgeries. Additionally, he contracted a terrible infection in his surgical incision, so he was a very sick puppy. What should have been a 3 or 4 day stay at the hospital, turned into a 4 week drama.

Neurologically, Copper is making a slow, but steady recovery. He is being tended to by Dr. Robin Levitski, who just loves Copper. As you can see in the photos, his back is very arched, but after being paralyzed for several weeks, this is normal. No, he is not a camel!

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Copper’s mom is convinced that his recovery is largely due to the pool therapy he is doing with Trish Pennick ( ). Copper looks like a cute little sea turtle in the water, and after every pool session, he is able to do a a new “trick”. After the first session, he wagged his tail after 4 weeks of paralysis. Now this pup can walk!

carolina cooper1