Independence Day (July 4th)


It is best to not take your dogs to the fireworks or the independence day parade.

The loud booms of the fireworks, and the horns and drums of the bands hurt their sensitive ears. The sudden flares of the rockets can frighten them. They love being with you and will put up with almost anything for that, but they do not enjoy these activities.

Please show them how much you love them by leaving them home with the television tuned to KPBS (TV is better than radio), with some toys and water and a stuffed Kong toy or two.

When you return home stay with them when you let them out for potty break. There may be some residual fireworks and they are pretty good at getting over or under fences when frightened.

Check your yard for dropped items that could potentially injure your dog.

Watch for hot BBQ coals, dropped chicken and bones, alcohol, beach fire sparks and other dangers.

Have a Happy and SAFE Fourth!!