In Memorium

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These are just a few of the many dogs who have graced our lives and are sorely missed.

 Dazi Spengel
Champion Oakhurst Abayomi Andazi
April 4, 2001 to March 6, 2012

Dazi came to us from Jennifer Hakeem. Her father was our very own Ripley and Jennifer’s Bell was her mom. We were so undecided about taking on a puppy, but we eventually brought this black nosed girl home. It was the best decision we ever made. Ripley, on the other hand, was so offended by the new dog and tried really hard to ignore the little pest. But, after Dazi hung onto his ears for a couple of days, they became fast friends and constant companions.
We have always had difficulty naming our puppies. A standing joke among our friends was the “astrological sign of the donut” and so she became Andazi, Swahili for donut. Dazi made her first road trip to the RRCUS specialty in Pasco, WA. The trip was notable for bad weather, worse food, joyful unleashed outdoors playtime and an expensive return trip. On this trip, Dazi began her life of crime by eating Debbie’s Armani prescription glasses.
Dazi was a challenging puppy, especially contrasted with Ripley, who we called the most well behaved prince of a dog. We attended multiple puppy classes in her first year and walked many miles in the neighborhood. As her life of crime continued, Dazi ate the sofa and dragged Ripley into her life of backyard destruction as she created a moonscape in the grass. We believe there was a time when she thought her name was “dammit Dazi”! Each time she was caught in the act, she would stand there wagging her tail and wearing the most innocent expression. We could only laugh!
At Christmas, Dazi was in classic form, removing and destroying dozens of tree ornaments which were lovingly gathered and returned to Jennifer, as if more proof of our little psycho bitch was needed!
As she aged and left behind her life of crime, life certainly became easier for us and by then, she had completely captured our hearts. When Dazi was four, we embarked on the agility trail: Debbie and Dazi going to many agility classes to learn the jumps and how to navigate a course. Eventually we learned the hardest and best lesson of all—how to be a trusting team. Dazi, with dedicated handlers Jen, Debbie and Jean, earned agility, conformation, coursing and rally titles together as the years rolled by.
Dazi completely worked her way into our lives and made us laugh so many times! She left us too soon with a large hole in our hearts. We will always remember her expressions and her constantly wagging tail.Dazi Dazi 2