Vaccinations are an important part of keeping your dog healthy and A Wells Trained Dog requires that all dogs are fully vaccinated before joining one of our groups. However, where vets used to recommend that all dogs be vaccinated yearly (every three years for rabies), thoughts on that are beginning to change and some vets suggest that there are dangers associated with this kind of frequent vaccination; we recommend that you consult your vet to test (titer) your dog for immunity to prevent unnessary vaccinations. For the most comprehensive information about vaccines we have found, PLEASE visit: /vaccine-protocols.html


Jean Dodds is a well-known veterinarian/immunologist/hepatologist. She’s very active and has frequent speaking engagements around the world on the topic of vaccination research.

Her vaccine protocol is spelled out on the link below. She believes that the increase in canine epilepsy is likely another side effect of vaccines (epilepsy is a general term for seizures, for which the cause is often unknown.)

Click here for more information: /Vacprotocol.html